The Illumination of Deepsorrow Novice Set

Legends Untold: Standalone Expansion Set



Far to the south of Dun Mordhain, in the sun kissed continent the Brethren call the 'Warm Lands' a Watcher witnessed something not seen in centuries, the return of life to the stone-barked trees of the Lost Forest. This event sets the stage for the next strand in the grand cinematic campaign of Legends Untold.


Build you character using all new talents, kits, outfits and weapons. Assemble your party and explore the ruins of the fabled city of Deepsorrow. Introducing the new Clues and Epilogues system this box set can be played on its own or can be mixed with the existing Weeping Caves and Great Sewers boxes for even greater variety. Have you got what it takes to solve the mystery and fulfill the Illumination of Deepsorrow?

Potions & Preparations Expansion Set

Legends Untold: Expansion Set


Explore the paths of the Alchemist and the Gem-Mage. Harvest herbs and ingredients and use them to brew potions or find minerals and unlock their latent energy using the mystical arts of Gnimshka glyptography. 


This set includes two new occupations (Stones Scout and Apothecary) and a host of new herbs, minerals, potions, preparations, kits and outfits to letting you dabble or specialise your character build as you choose.

Dragon Dice Radiant And Umbral Sets

Legends Untold: Dragon Dice Sets


For those of you that like your dice to be colourful we bring you two different Dragon Gem Dice sets:

  • The Radiant Set, comprising red, orange, yellow and green dice.
  • The Umbral Set, comprising purple, pink, smoke and clear dice.

 Each box will be sold separately and will comprise 4 sets of 4 different coloured Dragon Dice, each with the Legends Untold dragon in place of the 6.

Lord of the Horde


Driven from their Ancestral Homelands in the frozen north, four Orc tribes have assembled as a mighty horde.

Spring has arrived and the ice passes have melted. You must lead your people to carve out a new home in the rich realms of Man. Scout wisely, avoid enemy patrols, capture settlements and duel rival Champions to prove your worth to the tribal Shaman.

A card based invasion game for 2-4 players, with a choice of 8 Champions amongst the tribes. Gather units into your Warband and assault Settlements in a diceless combat system that uses Orcs as a resource as your throw the might of the Horde against the walls of human Settlements.

Duel your fellow Champions for Honour and Glory and establish Dominance in the Horde to prove your might. Once the Winter snows come the Shaman of the Orcs will proclaim one Champion as LORD OF THE HORDE!