Lord of the Horde


Driven from their Ancestral Homelands in the frozen north, four Orc tribes have assembled as a mighty horde.

Spring has arrived and the ice passes have melted. You must lead your people to carve out a new home in the rich realms of Man. Scout wisely, avoid enemy patrols, capture settlements and duel rival Champions to prove your worth to the tribal Shaman.

A card based invasion game for 2-4 players, with a choice of 8 Champions amongst the tribes. Gather units into your Warband and assault Settlements in a diceless combat system that uses Orcs as a resource as your throw the might of the Horde against the walls of human Settlements.

Duel your fellow Champions for Honour and Glory and establish Dominance in the Horde to prove your might. Once the Winter snows come the Shaman of the Orcs will proclaim one Champion as LORD OF THE HORDE!