Inspiring Games (IG) is an Indie publishing house based in Edinburgh, Scotland. IG is the proverbial baby of its two founders Kev Young and Hugh Ducker, both long time friends and gamers.


We are also ably supported by Scott Nicely and Morgan Lair of Jovial Graphics for art direction and graphic design. And have worked with Paul Grogan and Gaming Rules for rules editing alongside an entire portfolio of Playtesters, Proofreaders, Narrators, Artists and, most importantly, incredibly patient and supportive families.


Kev and Hugh work together on IG pretty much every day. They divide the load according to their strengths, Kev runs the publishing side of the business and Hugh is head of design, alongside supporting Kev with technology, conventions, and the billion and one other things he does that have nothing to do with game design (role profiles are somewhat vague at IG). Our debut title 'Legends Untold' is the co-creation of Kev and Hugh, we design it by bouncing ideas off each other constantly.


Since founding Inspiring Games in 2016 over 10,000 core sets of Legends Untold have been sold in over 50 countries.


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