We are sold out in Europe, Asia and Oceania.

The remaining stock deals listed below are for Canada and the USA only.


  • We have now sold all of our Caves sets worldwide apart from a handful in Canada.
  • We are offering a Caves and Sewers bundle for 75 CAD
  • Or the Caves only for 42 CAD
  • Shipping to Canada is included in the prices listed above.
  • This deal is for delivery in Canada only while stocks last.
  • If you want to proceed please emails us at: contact@inspiringgames.com  


We are sold out of Caves sets.
The Sewers and Dragon Dice bundle listed below is available for delivery only to the USA.


Sewers & Dragon Dice bundle

Includes Great Sewers Novice Set. Start 1-8 lowly heroes on their adventures. Comes with 16 Adventures and enough Foes, Obstacles, Discoveries, Events and more to keep you busy for 20+ hours of gameplay.

Includes 1 set of Blue Dragon Dice.

Sewers and Dice Bundle


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