Will you climb high to the Weeping Caves?

Or descend to the Great Sewer below?

It really is that simple.


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Our Games

Legends Untold

A Co-operative adventure game combining the depth of an RPG with the speed of a card game. No GM required!

Lord of the Horde

Dominate rival tribes, conquer the human lands and duel for shaman's honour as you bid to become Lord of the  Orcish horde.

Both games went through public playtesting at UKGE 3-5 JUNE 2016

So what was the feedback?

Legends Untold

 45 people we'd never met before were kind enough to share their thoughts on Legends:

  • 91% of them rated it as Fun or Great.
  • The vote was split between it being straight forward or complex.
  • 67% said the Theme was either Involving or Deep.


 Comments included:

  • It would be handy if dice could be included in the game
  • Due to the original mechanics (illumination, dynamic mapping) many of you found it complex to begin with but straightforward after a few turns.
  • Many people loved the artwork
  • It was great that the game is about exploring and not just hack n' slash
  • The mechanics encouraged everyone to cooperate 
  • The game's depth came across
  • a few of you wanted it to be slightly more epic but equal numbers liked the fact (quite passionately) that we were challenging traditional fantasy tropes.



Lord of the Horde

We found 34 unsuspecting volunteers to try being Orcs for an hour.

  • 97% of them rated is as Fun or Great.
  • 67% of you described it as straightforward to understand.
  • 82% described the theme as either Involving or Deep.


  Comments included: 

  • You asked for special dice to be looked into to help with the Scouting.
  • You said it would be nice to have an escalation mechanic in the game.
  • You wanted the Orc Champions to improve over time (possibly as part of an expansion).
  • Dueling is great fun!