The Illumination of Deepsorrow is the next planned installment in the Legends Untold franchise. 

We plan to keep adding to this page in our run up to our launch on Kickstarter.

Here's what you need to know right now:

Design choices

In Deepsorrow we are introducing a number of changes to Legends Untold based on feedback that you shared from your adventures with the existing sets, namely The Weeping Caves Novice Set and The Great Sewers Novice Set.



You told us you want to explore more rooms, interact with more characters, disarm more traps and defeat more monsters.
Deepsorrow introduces many new cards, if you play the game as a standalone product you will have more variety than the original sets. If you supplement Deepsorrow with the other sets this variety increases even further.

Note we are still waiting for the box art for Deepsorrow, we will update the image soon! 

More Story

You told us you want to know more about Mor Nadar, and more about the Campaign you are playing in.
In Deepsorrow we further expand upon the Clues and Epilogues system we trialed with our free print and play campaign 'Saving the Sax'.


As you progress through the ruins of Deepsorrow you may come across a number of Clues that provide additional parts to the story, and include information on the history and background of Deepsorrow and its inhabitants.


Each Episode card will tell you how the Party will gain Clues — usually by drawing Plot cards — and which entries to read from the Clue Directory. If you aren't drawing a lot of cards from the Adventure deck, you can increase your chances of finding more Clues by investigating Barriers and Search Zones.

Fix The Fiddly
You told us that you wanted help with Scouting, Surprise and Combat.
We are introducing two new Player Aids to make this much simpler:
1) The Readiness & Surprise Aid 
2) The Combat Aid