Ricky Royal on Box of Delights UK GAMES EXPO 2016

" I’d be very surprised if this wasn’t picked up by an established publisher once it gets into its first production run."

We are very happy bunnies today. C'mon everyone join in my Jubilation. Comment, like and share away please!

The Game Pit podcast, on the Dice Tower

"A lot of kickstarter games coming out soon, Legends Untold caught my eye the most... Myself and Natalie had a quick go, we had some very interesting decisions that were, as they promised, not just hack and slash...The passion of the guys came across, I'm definitely going to look out for it and would advise anyone who is in to an adventure card game system to do likewise."


Sean and Ronan get together to bring you brief tasters of the games they played at UK Games Expo 2016…


Jesta the Rogue

"I’ll definitely give this a go if/when released, look for this on Kickstarter."


Board Gaming at Home

Legends Untold - An RPG in card game form, sounds very interesting and also has some great, original artwork"

A brief photographic overview of some of our highlights of our first UK Games Expo - Watch for more content, write-ups and videos soon!


Fistful of Meeples

 "made a mental note to keep an eye out for Legends Untold."

3 -5 June saw the NEC in Birmingham play host to the UK Games Expo. For anyone unfamiliar with it, the Expo is the UK gaming event, playing host to national championships for many games, allowing e…


SSF World

Inspiring Games’ “Legends of Untold” cards look like they’ll prove very popular when they’re released... SSF World

NATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTRE, BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND Attended by David Paul Hellings @HellingsOnFilm Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror gaming fans were well served as usual as the UK Games…


Ricky Royal of Box of Delights.

Legends Untold intrigues Ricky Royal of Box of Delights.

Delighted to get a mention from Ricky in his Expo preview, up there beside some big names!