End The Turn: Inspiring Games

November 156 2016

An interview with David Wright about Legends Untold and Inspiring Games, including other games in progress.

Crazy Eights: Kevin Young on Legends Untold  November 6 2016

An interview with Gaming Trend about the forthcoming Legends Untold release.

We're Not Wizards show  November 7 2016

Kevin Young was fortunate enough to be invited on We're Not Wizards for their most recent podcast. There's a lot of chat about Legends Untold and err...some tangents which will give you an introduction to Scottish culture.

Inspiring Games interview with the Bottled Imp at UKGE 2016


The Bottled Imp brings you the latest from Inspiring Games at the UK Games Expo 2016, as Ken talks with Kevin, games designer, about their fantasy cooperativ...

Inspiring Games supports Tabletop Generation


Just signed up - It's in Beta and has a few oddities (make a personal contact then a company) but pretty easy to use and you'll never be at the mercy of a social media reach mechanism again. All about games, all about gamers. See you there.

A collaboration network tailored to the TableTop Industry


Inspiring Games interview with the Offline Gamer

Inspiring Games has its first scheduled interview. 

Many thanks to Rai and Matt at the Offline Gamer, two of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet.


Inspiring Games http://www.offlinegamer.co.uk/category/episodes/ 

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